Para and Science, the borderline

Para-science yourself Para-science, is a qualifier that takes the risk of disqualifying a scientific work that could be an attempt in the right direction. If the qualification is unjustified then it’s a para-scientific judgement against a potentially para-scientific subject. In that case we have simply to accept that sometime we cannot conclude as we do […]

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Emotional Eating and your bot

In Computers and Human Feelings we’ve seen how a bot could help with moody attitudes or at least try within a virtual therapy context. Here we push the concept a bit further trying to focus on a specific real world problem Emotional Eating. Q: Could a bot help with Emotional eating ? So how to find […]

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Computers and Human Feelings

Virtual Therapy Many of the questions below are of the therapeutic applications field on how a program can help do the work of a therapist ? With current AI levels, it is not imaginable to compare a bot to a human therapist expert level. Here the question is rather if a bot as therapist is […]

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Computers and Feelings

Q: How to program Feelings ? This question can be interpreted in two ways : What is the logic that creates one fealing or another ? What are the impacts of feelings, how can they be communicated and perceived by a machine ? Feelings Perceptions Cybernetics touches this topic by trying to infer feelings as way […]

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Home Smart Mesh

This my hobby project started on 2016 still on going as of today switching from the STM8 to the STM32. It was the right choice to start with the STM8 as they’re extremely simple compared to the STM32, that allowed me to rewrite a complete HAL, drivers, BSP from scratch for a wireless sensors node and […]

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