Computers and Feelings

Q: How to program Feelings ?

This question can be interpreted in two ways :

  • What is the logic that creates one fealing or another ?
  • What are the impacts of feelings, how can they be communicated and perceived by a machine ?

Feelings Perceptions

Cybernetics touches this topic by trying to infer feelings as way of communication, without necessarily explaining the logic behind feelings.

Feelings Perception examples

From Text

From images, videos

  • Smile recognition (a common feature on cameras is self trigger on smile detection).
  • Video Magnification for e.g. heart rate estimation.
  • Social impact in a comedy, help for disabled and privacy intrusion as no more able to hide internal thoughts : Sheldon’s emotions detection machine

Q: how AI could make better decisions for me than I do for myself ?

Artificial Moral Agents is what targets the question. AI wikipedia section : Artificial moral agents and reference (Wendell Wallach (2010). Moral Machines, Oxford University Press.)



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